Fixed Grip Sinkers

Gemini System 100+ Fixed Grip Sinkers

The Fixed grip wires give the maximum amount of grip because of the distance of the grip wire from the mass of the sinker, and are not recommended for casting. They are therefore mainly used from piers and boats where the tidal flow is strong, but because of the height of the fisherman from the sea bed, they can be virtually lifted out of position. The fixed grip wires are straight when you get them and can be bent to the required shape. We consider the curved shape illustrated on this page (product listings below) to be the optimum for gripping power, but the choice is yours! The wires can also be cut shorter and/or the sleeving removed to alter the dynamics of the sinker as required.

Unlike standard fixed grip wire sinkers (that can become entangled within your tackle box!), one of the great advantages of all the System 100+ fixed grip wire heads is that after use, it can be unscrewed and folded away. 

The Fixed grip sinkers come in three variations, each offering different properties and suitable for different conditions, please see product listing below for details.