Ready Rigs

Gemini Genie Ready Rigs

All Gemini ready Rigs use a unique method of ‘Bonding’ in place of the conventional knots. The smooth, sleek style of these knot free, bonded rigs makes it easier and possibly less messy to bait up.
All Gemini Ready Rigs incorporate Gemini Genie Rig components, the quality, reliability and strength of which are arguably unrivalled.
Over the next four pages you will find all 7 of our Ready Rigs; Single Hook Clip Down, Two Hook Clip Down, Three Hook Clip Down, Two Hook Flapper, Three Hook Flapper, Clip Down Pulley Pennel, Single Hook Splash Down Rig. As mentioned above all of our rigs use unique bonding process coupled with top quality Gemini Genie rig components, to deliver to you top end Ready Rigs.
Each rig is accompanied by a detailed recipe of the components you will need for  to make the rigs if you wish to make your own.